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Super Angles – good or bad

Over the last two years, I’ve been more involved with start ups, web apps, tech companes, vcs, and strategic alliances.

Recently a new breed has emerged in “Super Angels”

This article – http://www.businessinsider.com/heres-the-real-reason-why-some-superangels-want-to-flip-and-keep-valuations-down-2010-11?utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=BI_Select_111210_Personal&utm_source=Triggermail&utm_term=Business+Insider+Select

is quite insightful and highlights the point that many people forget which is looking at peoples operational, tactical and strategic objectives in any business deal.

If the underlying core values are not aligned, then everything that comes afterwards, will be off. Now even if that’s just be one degree. It’s still enough to leave many “partners” frustrated in the long run.

Where a lot of focus is made upfront, and real alignment or as we say “Strategic Alliances” are formed, then things become easier in our view.

I’m sure we’ll see more talk of Super Angels and the other pro/cons of Private Equity, and VC groups in the coming months and years, and the cash flow liquidity and risk averse nature of the financial markets continues.

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