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How to manifest a millionaire

How to Manifest the Millionaire

“I asked you a question and I want you to think about it, ok?” Simon says to me as he gets into the cab waiting for him. I just stare at him confused; this was not how I planned my week at London 2015 Europhilex would go. This strange illusive man was telling me that he could help me get to where I needed to in life; he was just offering me an opportunity like it ran from tap water. He wanted to mentor me, show me how to effectively weave myself through the messy tapestry that is life and come out a better person.

“I’ll let you know my answer,” was all I could say to him.

He was already in the cab and was about to leave “just know though, I’ve had mentors before and they’ve never really helped.

Simon frowned and just looked at me; he leaves me with just one statement.

“I won’t be anything like them.”

A bold statement – arrogant some may say. Yet a week later after rigorous thought and extensive research I tell him I’m in.

Four months later, that statement seems a little less arrogant and a lot truer.

If someone was to create a secret weapon in human form, a concoction of hidden treasures and unique wisdom mixed with intelligence and surprises, it was in the form of Simon. In a strange way he’s like time, an easy flow of continuous motion that, at first glance, people are confused by and try to define though the past, present and future – but he’s all three. He’s the wisdom and hindsight of the past, the lively feeling of the present and the hope of the future.

However you don’t find this all out when you spend a week with him, you do what I did and spend a summer with him.

I had a vague idea of what I was getting myself into, but that idea was painted with the old assumptions I had of the world. That everything was linear and straightforward, that you live, you work, you die and in between occasionally things may happen. I couldn’t have been proven more wrong.

I don’t know what I expected, in fact now I’ve learnt to not expect anything – there’s no point. I expected to do sit in a small beaten down office for many hours in the day, be dumped with copious amounts of information and then leave it all at 5pm. Again, that’s what I expected, and now I know now expectations are pretty much useless.

Assumptions rarely ever get you anywhere in this world.

I never knew what was going to happen every day I was there, it was always a surprise. I never longed for the office days I was used to because constantly being surprised in my day to day was refreshing. One day could be completely normal, helping out with admin and checking emails, but some days were completely unexpected. I would randomly be told that I’d be meeting millionaires with only half an hours’ notice.

So far I’ve met the best presenters, business leaders, best-selling authors and even met with and had a tour of one of the biggest web hosting sites in the country. When you meet successful people there’s some things you expect, you expect them to not really be very interested in someone who’s not as successful as them, but it was never like that.

They were all interested and passionate about their ventures, they gave me great advice and seemed to actually care.

From meeting these people I quickly realised within a few days that becoming a millionaire wasn’t just about making millions, it was about having intellectual property that was worth millions and being able to create that mind set for yourself. That is the problem with most people who want to be millionaires; they are so desperate for the money that they forget there’s a mind-set behind it.

My time in the programme ( ) also taught me some great skills, skills I didn’t even know I was really learning.

The best skill I learnt was communication; sometimes it’s the basics you need to brush up on in order to learn the master techniques.

The most successful people speak slowly and clearly, they’re also aware that their body speaks just as much as they do. You can’t get by without communication; it’s how we describe what’s going on in our mind to someone who can’t read minds. Communication skills cannot be taught indirectly, you have to experience them to understand how they work and see the results they produce.

Not every moment was easy and stress free, there were moments that were incredibly challenging and made me question if I could go through with it all, but that’s the best thing about the programme: it challenges and brings you out of your comfort zone. I learned that I can handle pressure, maybe not as gracefully, but I can do it better than before. Meeting deadlines and dealing with frustrating people would have driven me mad before, but now I can definitely handle it better.

I learnt how to become more organised with my life, finding useful tools like Trello and iPrioritize helping sort out what needed to be done urgently and what could be delegated to someone else. I learnt how to analyse situations to get the best out of them, even the stressful situations were helping me become better because I was learning from my mistakes.

The experience upgraded me, it helped open my eyes and realise how much I can do and how much is possible out there.

There is so much out there in the world that people don’t know about, and whilst it used to frighten me before it now excites me. Manifesting Millionaires, Building Billionaires, Training Trillionaires all sound like they’re out to just create lots of money, but I’ve realised now that money is just a benefit from it.

What’s important is making a difference and becoming the best version of yourself and learning what you can give the world.



This was written by Maryam Elahi in September 2015, after experience a sample of the ten year long Manifesting Millionaires program. To learn more see She was an apprentice / mentee to Simon Hedley. To learn more about here experience and who Simon was for her please read this.

If you’d like to explore how Simon could help you.. please get in touch.

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