Simon Hedley Sharing Our Soluitions

Sharing Our Solutions – 21st June

It’s the middle of the latest Strategic Optimisation Summits and this current Sharing Our Solutions.

Apple will be announcing their news in a few minutes, and it’s already been a very interesting day.

The focus on medical information and real time prediction is a big sign of what’s coming.

It’s not longer about theoretical research, it’s about creating a better lives for each one of us today.

Today more than ever I’m amazed by how far we’ve come, and how much more is possible.

Thanks to and your support, people are being helped in more ways than we ever imagined when we began.

As Jeremy Gilley reminded me earlier today, it’s the 6 month notice before the next International Day of Peace on 21st September, and I know the goal’s we discussed and agreed earlier this year are possible – having over 3 billion people commit to peace this year.

I’ve been touched by the grace of some of the most unexpected people, and the anger and frustration of people chasing to create more.

Communication and simplification are really going to be key for whatever the future holds.

Not just with others but also with ourselves.


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