Simon Hedley has applied the depth and breadth of his knowledge and experience to assist me to rebrand, reposition my business and me in the market place. He has been invaluable in simplifying my multidimensional skills and offering into a cohesive package.

Simon is a genius with matters concerning the Internet and he will provide a plan and assist you, step-by- step to optimise your Internet web presence. He has a dynamic range of business partners and joint-venture partners; Simon is known as The Ultimate Connector for good reasons.

Simon has demonstrated to me how some of my leisure activities could be positioned in an authentic way, to add value to my clients and open up possibilities in my professional international public speaking.

I admire and appreciate Simon’s brilliance, his sharp intellect, along with his insightful intuitive knowing of what will work to the best advantage. I have not been disappointed with Simon’s consultancy nor will you.

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE FCGI FRCN
Award Winning Leadership & Development Expert
Beacon Organisational Development