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Quick Experiment

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Quick Mental Experiment – Surprising Results

This time last year I was preparing to meet one of the brightest marketing minds on the planet.. someone even more resourceful and respected than most of the people we know and love .. and one of the first things he taught us was this.. and now is a perfect time to put it to the test I think..


In what order do you like these most?

A) more colour
B) no filter
C) less colour

Please comment and let me know..
I think we’ll be surprised by the results..

Bonus: think about why you like them more?
Which you’d most want to share with a friend?

How can you leverage that for what you’re doing online and offline to grow your dreams and ventures.

Interesting final steps in a new venture later as part of the next www.VIPlaunchPARTY.com Can’t wait to share..

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