Thank You

Today is a big day..

It’s 13th November 2016, and I have much to say thank you for.

Not only was it Remembrance Day here in the UK, where we are grateful and remember all those who served and did what they can in the past in all the wars so we could be here today the way we are today.

This was also the weekend of my mum’s birthday and without all the details, so thankful for her and that she’s here with us.

We were able to drive down to the coast today and the sun shone and we had one of those days that remind you why we love the UK and England.

The sun was shining and the sea calm.

We walked along the beach – a pebble beach – and as our eyes streamed as the wind cut in, and the sun shone.

Meanwhile.. we’ve had water, food and shelter, and come so far from where we were 20 years ago..

Even a decade from now, it was a different world with incredibly different technology and ideas, and access.

Last week the US Presidential Election completed with Donald Trump winning the right to step into the White House next year.

Why do I reference this.. because I’m grateful that we could be present and part of the process. This isn’t about who won and how.. but that at least there was an election.

We are alive in the most incredible time in human history and I truly hope we use the opportunities we have now to collaborate, add value and really focus on what it means to be Human.

Many years ago I met a genius of a chef, who said he was “Humanese”.

So for all of us on #TeamHuman .. thank you for all you are, all you can be, and what can come next.

We’ll be sharing more .. in the upcoming www.SharingOurSolutions.com and I’m looking forward to making www.Questions101.com as great as it can be..

Truly asking better questions has helped me and us and I hope all of us on #TeamHuman

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