influencer directory 2016
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2016 Ultimate Directory of Influencers

Last September I was with Steve and Alex (Steve Olsher and Alex Mandossian) in America, and they were sharing and masterminding what they were seeing come together and planning how they could help more people. Quick Link: I've known Alex…
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions
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How to manifest a millionaire

How to Manifest the Millionaire “I asked you a question and I want you to think about it, ok?” Simon says to me as he gets into the cab waiting for him. I just stare at him confused; this was not how I planned my week at London 2015 Europhilex…
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Small Steps

Today I'm most present to the importance of small steps. It's easy to be daunted by the mountains we set ourselves as the goal in life and business. More than ever the conversation about becoming a billionaire (…
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions
Web Summit Dublin 2015
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Web Summit Dublin 2015

In a few days, I will be heading to Dublin – a city I have a deep affection for – to connect with friends, partner, clients and VIPs and I hope some incredible new connections I’ve yet to meet. I’m heading to attend Web Summit which…
Simon Hedley | The Strategic Alchemist
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Simon speaks on The Future of Leadership at LeaderShapeNOW

I was invited to speak and partner on the creation of Global Leadership Academies. I'm clear that Leadership is something that is very misunderstood, and which is changing and transforming. The Leaders I grew up being told where the role…
The Success Spiral
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How to measure success for you, So you know when you've got there.. Success is a very clear focus for all people at some level, especially once they've gotten past survival - water, food and shelter.   However success is very personal,…
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Read This Change Your Life Updates

I'm excited to be able to announce the recent updates and developments with Read This Change Your Life™. This project has been producing great results for years, helping people connect with great books and with my partners we've been…
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Festival of Code 2015

So it's really exciting to be a remote centre lead and judge for this years Festival of Code 2015, and I'm amazed already at all the incredible young people participation, the mentors, the judges and the incredible team who are making this happen. Learn…