influencer directory 2016
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2016 Ultimate Directory of Influencers

Last September I was with Steve and Alex (Steve Olsher and Alex Mandossian) in America, and they were sharing and masterminding what they were seeing come together and planning how they could help more people. Quick Link: I've known Alex…
James Lavers
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Want to know what James Lavers thinks about Simon Hedley

  As James says.. start a conversation with Simon today.. you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.   To start a conversation go to today, or call him and his partners on +44-844-556-4790   James…
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Small Steps

Today I'm most present to the importance of small steps. It's easy to be daunted by the mountains we set ourselves as the goal in life and business. More than ever the conversation about becoming a billionaire (…
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions

Simon’s Sharing Our Solutions – November 27

Sharing Our Solutions #3 Event - Michael Gerber, Live in London Book - Unbreakable by Thom Shea Technology - Trello Hi,  I'm excited to welcome you to the third of my new #FreedomFriday updates,…
FreshForms simple easy online forms

FreshForms New Features new features are really exciting. And we hope you'll think so too.. I'll be sharing some previews soon.. if you want an inside view let me know
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions

Simon's Sharing Our Solutions - November 13

Sharing Our Solutions Event             Marianne Williamson Live in London Book              Oversubscribed by Daniel Priestley Technology Hi,  I'm excited to welcome…
Web Summit Dublin 2015
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Web Summit Dublin 2015

In a few days, I will be heading to Dublin – a city I have a deep affection for – to connect with friends, partner, clients and VIPs and I hope some incredible new connections I’ve yet to meet. I’m heading to attend Web Summit which…