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London2015 Europhilex

I was asked to help with the London 2015 Europhilex exhibition over 4 years ago. It's a great example of strategic planning done right and what's possible when people come together with a focus.  There are expected to be many thousands of…
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Unexpected recognition - Top 5 Amazing People to Know in London

I've just come back to London to support a client who is running the number one event for businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK for 2012. We've supported him getting major sponsors like Microsoft, Blackberry and others and strategies. When…
Simon The Simple Idea
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Business 2012

Business 2012 2012 occurs like a very transformational year for global economics, politics and more. As we come up to the end of February 2012, the potential impact of events in Greece, and the rest of Europe, are very much in the mind…
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Dave Crane - The Life Designers Group - Testimonial - Simon Hedley

I just got a call from some of my friends and business partners about Dave Crane, and his unexpected post about me on Facebook, in his group "The Life Designers Tribe" From Dave Crane: Today's featured member of The Life Designers Tribe…
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Why should I listen to Simon Hedley?

I love the anonymous/Buddha quote "Question everything you hear, especially what I tell you" You should always get your own point of view and find advisors you can trust, and I would love to be one of those if you see value in what I say… _ simonhedley _ Dashboard
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It's All About Me...

How often do people want to know about us? Do you get asked .. what do you do? How do I get hold of you? This happens a lot, and as you build and grow in business and life happens more and more.. is…
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The Domain Dashboard

The Domain Dashboard is a web application designed to help online entrepreneurs, manage, centralise, and optimise their domain portfolios and web real estate and as a result maximise the results of their Web Domains.. Web Domains includes…
The Domain Dashboard
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Being productive.. and Adding Value

It's been an exciting month in October.. with great work from Adrian Swinscoe on the launch party for Rare Business, which is a real game changer for many on the way to think about business. Also, Judy Rees, who many will know from Clean…
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My Key Questions

What do I most want to be doing? • Speaking to an inner circle of creative, intelligent people • Being in pleasant, natural and technologically advanced environments • Building Businesses, Communities and Organisations with real legacy • Helping…
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What people say about me.. Marcus Corah Recommends

A client meeting this morning, reminded me of a testimonial that Marcus Corah made me for last year, in the testimonial it touches on some good key points, that are worth watching, if you're looking at building your online business and presence,…