Web App Pricing and Perception of Value

Just now, I received an exciting update from Geckoboard


Now, what I liked about their email is they have responded to market feedback and from a position of strength, it also makes sense. It is too easy to fall into the same pricing models used by every app or web business, but many of those models were developed at a different time, when market usage was different.

To Our Success,



you can see how we moved from the standard – per domain model to a unique model for

You can see the email below:


This is Paul from Geckoboard and I’m writing to let you know about some important changes to your Geckoboard account and what it means for you.
Since we launched a month ago we’ve had lots of feedback about the “per-device” pricing model. Based on the thoughtful feedback many of you provided we’ve decided to change the pricing model to something more in line with many of your expectations.
We’ve been working hard to get the new changes ready and are happy to announce that they’re being rolled out tomorrow (Friday 4th March).
What’s Changing?
• The “per-device” pricing model has been scrapped
• In its place is a tiered pricing model that allows for a certain number of simultaneous connections per account for sharing amongst colleagues, clients and investors
• For those who want to share their dashboards with the world, all accounts will allow unlimited simultaneous connections using ad-supported dashboards
• New free plan
• 30-day credit card free trial on all paid plans
What happens to my account?
Your account will be automatically migrated to one of the new plans. If you’ve already entered your credit card information you will be migrated to an account that costs the same or less than what you signed up for. In all cases your account will offer more functionality than it did prior to the changes at no extra cost.
Basic & Turbo accounts will be migrated to the new ‘S’ plan (10 simultaneous connections and a 3 minute custom widget refresh rate).
Rocket accounts will be migrated to the new ‘M’ plan (20 simultaneous connections and a 30 second custom widget refresh rate).
If you ordered multiple devices on any plan you’ll see substantial savings in the new plans. In addition, users who signed up for the basic plan will see their custom widget refresh rate increase from 15 minutes to 3 minutes.
Any Questions?
Check out our Simultaneous Connections FAQ. You can find out more about the new pricing by visiting our Plans page once the changes are rolled out.
Thanks again for your feedback and patience as we sorted the pricing issue, it’s hugely appreciated.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.
Kind regards,

The future of web real estate

It’s been an interesting week as I’ve been reviewing what we’ve been doing with and preparing for a relaunch on the back of new features that we’ve been developing steadily for the last 3 months.

The new upgrades allow people to leverage what they are doing faster and further, and means that our promise to customers has and will be fulfilled on even more fully.

One question that keeps coming up to me, from people that are new to web marketing, web business, domain valuation and other aspects, is the question of why they should use the domain dashboard, and to answer that we’ll be running some complimentary tele conferences shortly, both for our user, and our partners.

What is clear, is that in the same way in under 200 years, the land rush of the pioneer years produced a mature real estate industry, so web real estate has in under 30 years started to turn the corner, but still has a lot of growth to come.

It is likely that in the next 3-5 years, in our view that the web real estate will reach it’s pinnacle, before moving into the W4 space and others inside the form factors and other aspects that are building a “Connected World NOW”.

In short, being able to find your way around, leverage and optimise your use of, experience of, and benefit from web real estate, you will need to find ways to either rely on others to highlight your goals (like a GPS), random luck to stumble upon hidden gems, human referal, or systems and tecnologies that provide you a much smaller faster access.

We also feel that people will need more and more ability to breadcrumb trail what they are locating and finding, and in ways that are not possible through “bookmarking”.

To this end, is a key tool and we hope more people are able to get on board now, while a free access is still available.