Unexpected recognition – Top 5 Amazing People to Know in London

I’ve just come back to London to support a client who is running the number one event for businesses and entrepreneurs in the UK for 2012. We’ve supported him getting major sponsors like Microsoft, Blackberry and others and strategies.

When I was there watching Sir Richard Branson, a friend mentioned a tweet that I had been recognised as on of 5 amazing people to know in London via a new website –

It’s great to recognised, especially by people you don’t know personally and who have clearly heard about you on the phone, web and world from past clients and raving fans.

Because of the nature of my work with people and by preference, we like to remain strictly confidential, which means people are not usually allow to refer until they’ve worked with us at least 3 times successfully and then we have a very simple process to ensure everyone gets the maximum benefit from the referrals and introductions.

So when I see things like this it reminds me why we do what we do with and are other projects like and

Their summary of me wasn’t fully up to date, but highlights how the web becomes “fact” and law. Since meeting one of the Wikipedia “Godfathers”, I’m very clear that the web is only a piece of the puzzle, and it reminds me of the idea my friend shared last year at one of our strategic summits – to imagine that everything you write on the web will be live for the next thousand years.

It’s all too easy to think the web is like post it notes or postcards, but when you realise that you’re crafting your story, a global story, and being both artists, scientist and business it alters that perspective.

Who knows may read this article and have their life changed in the future.

I also loves the creativity of the site that featured me, and what we’ve been championing for over a decade as “Curated Content” (TM) and “Swap Exchange Portals” (TM) ( )

You’re going to see more and more of these as the adage “We’re drowning in information and starving for wisdom” becomes more and more true.

as they say .. via the Entrepreneur’s revolution.. and the Entrepreneur’s Manifesto (you can get yours at