James Lavers
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Want to know what James Lavers thinks about Simon Hedley

  As James says.. start a conversation with Simon today.. you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.   To start a conversation go to today, or call him and his partners on +44-844-556-4790   James…
Cashflow Status
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How is your breathing room?

What is your breathing room like? For many people, and many business their cashflow isn't managed as carefully as we do oxygen. Do you know what your real cash flow is like? What if you had a sudden unexpected need? Maybe a customer doesn't…
High Impact Award Global Entrepreneurship Week
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High Impact Award - Global Entrepreneurship Week

For the second year running I've been given a High Impact Award, as have my clients and partners for their activities, events and support through Global Entrepreneurship Week. This included workshops, trainings, webinars, live events, public…
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Interview Idea Mensch on Simon Hedley

I've been featured today on the home page of I met Mario Schulzke after he became a customer of one of my companies - produced by The Simple Idea. Mario is a very sharp and great hearted entrepreneur.…
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Strategic Optimisation Summits

Strategic Optimisation Summits ( )occur in and around Can you imagine being a space with the best minds in the world, sharing inside a structure that ensures integrity of…