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Visioneer Movie

Visioneer – The Peter Diamandis Story One of the most important films of 2016 Peter Diamandis dreamed of outer space his whole life. But since the days of his childhood, when the Apollo program was at its height, America’s excitement…
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions

Simon’s Sharing Our Solutions – November 27

Sharing Our Solutions #3 Event - Michael Gerber, Live in London Book - Unbreakable by Thom Shea Technology - Trello Hi,  I'm excited to welcome you to the third of my new #FreedomFriday updates,…
Web Summit Dublin 2015
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Web Summit Dublin 2015

In a few days, I will be heading to Dublin – a city I have a deep affection for – to connect with friends, partner, clients and VIPs and I hope some incredible new connections I’ve yet to meet. I’m heading to attend Web Summit which…
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Google+ LeadORS

If you are thinking about playing with social media or expanding your influence online, then you really need to explore Google+ My friend Thomas Power has produced a great profiling tool called Leadors, which will give you some free insights…
Organic Gluten Free Foods
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A simple idea - organic gluten free food

I'm very excited as I come into the office today, despite the rain and the heat (which has turned London from it's normal routine into a melting pot of millions wondering why we don't have air conditioning like the Americans or Canadians, and…
Simon The Simple Idea
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Is your business Evergreen?

Several years ago I used to work in Investment Banking, for one of the smartest men I ever met, Shahzad Ahmad. He understood where I added value, massive value, and how to leverage that intelligence and focus to create sustainable profits and…
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Apple Announcements - OS X - Steve Jobs - 6th June

Steve announced iCloud, iOS5, OS X Lion and much more today. The iTunes Match service looks amazing and I think will be a complete success, iCloud being free for Contacts, Calendar and Mail is a real game changer, and I'm extremely excited…
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Going the Extra Mile

When you learn to run long distance and you want to run a 10k race.. how do you train? As a child, I was naturally into life, and trying out as much as I could. I didn't like to train, but I had good results.. (I sprinted off to win the…