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I was there..

Today, as I prepare to travel to see one of the most important - no the most important person in my life - I'm 38, and thinking about the last twenty years, and what the next ten and twenty years may hold. When I was growing up, my mind was…
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Patience - Essential? is it a good skill or not for an entrepreneur and a strategic alchemist? I've been talking with my mum during the mother's day lunch and we were remembering how much has changed and transformed in the last 30 years…
DreamForce 2013
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Dreamforce 2013 - Salesforce - Marc Benioff

    JOIN THE CUSTOMER COMPANY REVOLUTION SELL. SERVICE. MARKET. SUCCEED. NOVEMBER 18-21, 2013 | SAN FRANCISCO DreamForce 2013 | Take advantage of VIP opportunities before,…
Simon The Strategic Alchemist
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Quiet Ripples of Tornados

Today a quite influential (understatement) made some very subtle but I believe truly revolutionary announcements. That company was Apple Whether that's the redesign of the new Mac Pro, the iOS 7 UX and feature roll out, or…
Vision of the Future 2020
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A vision of the future

It's been an interesting time in London over the last few weeks, and reminds me of the question of what's coming next.. I was reminded me of this future visioning video from Microsoft, I think it's worth a look if you haven't, and when…
Vision of the Future 2020
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The future of web real estate

It's been an interesting week as I've been reviewing what we've been doing with and preparing for a relaunch on the back of new features that we've been developing steadily for the last 3 months. The new upgrades…