Global Entrepreneurship Week
Simon The Simple Idea
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Ethical Business

Following a challenging week in London, that has highlighted the fragile nature of much of "modern society", it's clear that there is a need for a wider understanding of truly Ethical Business. What do I mean by Ethical Business? Well…
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Testimonial - Mark Grant - Action Coach - Business Coach

Below you'll see a testimonial from Mark Grant one of the UK's leading Business and Executive Coaches. ===== Action Coaching England Ltd. 16 Sandford Down Bracknell, RG12 9YS August 25, 2009   To whom it may concern: Simon…
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Web App Pricing and Perception of Value

Just now, I received an exciting update from Geckoboard Now, what I liked about their email is they have responded to market feedback and from a position of strength, it also makes sense. It is too easy to fall into the same pricing…
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Joint Ventures, Social Media and FreshForms

It's been an exciting few weeks in relations to with several new joint ventures emerging. What is most encouraging and interesting is the route which has produced these conversations.. namely - Social Media - specifically… _ simonhedley _ Dashboard
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It's All About Me...

How often do people want to know about us? Do you get asked .. what do you do? How do I get hold of you? This happens a lot, and as you build and grow in business and life happens more and more.. is…
The Success Spiral
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The Spiral Nature of Life and Success

It's a cold Saturday in London, as I write this, but the kind of day, that makes you feel good to be alive, and aware of what's really important. I spent the morning with my mum, cooking lunch and looking at what the plan was coming. I caught…
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What people say about me.. Marcus Corah Recommends

A client meeting this morning, reminded me of a testimonial that Marcus Corah made me for last year, in the testimonial it touches on some good key points, that are worth watching, if you're looking at building your online business and presence,…

TIME Event - London - September 2010

Save £500 - and get a FREE Ticket to a great Party - September London Lynn Rose - finally in the UK!!! There is an event in London with a lot of interesting people and others who will be coming along, to make this into a unique networking…

Alex Mandossian in London

I'm really excited by something happening in a few weeks in London. You can get all the details Alex Mandossian is someone I can 100% recommend. Ever since our first meeting I've known that Alex is someone special.…