Thank You

Today is a big day.. It's 13th November 2016, and I have much to say thank you for. Not only was it Remembrance Day here in the UK, where we are grateful and remember all those who served and did what they can in the past in all the wars…
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions

Simon’s Sharing Our Solutions – November 27

Sharing Our Solutions #3 Event - Michael Gerber, Live in London Book - Unbreakable by Thom Shea Technology - Trello Hi,  I'm excited to welcome you to the third of my new #FreedomFriday updates,…
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions
The Success Spiral
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The Thrive Movie

Thrive The Movie Thrive the movie is a great example of what's possible with Foster Gamble showcasing many of the ideas that are discussed in different forms in a high quality medium which is generating millions of views virally. So what…

Alex Mandossian in London

I'm really excited by something happening in a few weeks in London. You can get all the details Alex Mandossian is someone I can 100% recommend. Ever since our first meeting I've known that Alex is someone special.…