DreamForce 2013
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Dreamforce 2013 - Salesforce - Marc Benioff

    JOIN THE CUSTOMER COMPANY REVOLUTION SELL. SERVICE. MARKET. SUCCEED. NOVEMBER 18-21, 2013 | SAN FRANCISCO DreamForce 2013 | Take advantage of VIP opportunities before,…
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Xmas Presents

I've just arrived home, and it's gone midnight, and I'm writing online.. and.. HAPPY XMAS!!! You might ask "Why am I writing at 1am.. on Xmas Day.."? Well I'm truly excited. The last few days have been very special, and I'm watching…
VSO Strategist
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Venture Visioning

Have you ever been in a moment of pause when you're wondering what's next? Perhaps you thought this was a bad thing. I know when it first happened to me, I found myself missing the adrenaline rush of knowing what's next and having the…
Simon The Simple Idea
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Is your business Evergreen?

Several years ago I used to work in Investment Banking, for one of the smartest men I ever met, Shahzad Ahmad. He understood where I added value, massive value, and how to leverage that intelligence and focus to create sustainable profits and…
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Update to Psi Pi Group

We've update the main website to offer a very affordable and simple service for businesses. There is also a new video (less than 3 minutes) that explains some of the benefits / results from a £5.5m+ research. To check out…
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Joint Ventures, Social Media and FreshForms

It's been an exciting few weeks in relations to with several new joint ventures emerging. What is most encouraging and interesting is the route which has produced these conversations.. namely - Social Media - specifically…
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Current Reading

I've been advised by one of my friends / mentors to read a couple of books, that I had missed first time round: Positioning - by Al Ries and Jack Trout Masters of the Universe - Daniel J Kadlec At first site, they are very interesting…

Interview with Persuasion Masters

Private interview between my friends Marcus Corah and Rintu Basu. Marcus Corah from mindwealthtraining interviews Persuasion expert Rintu Basu. Learn: * The number one lesson that made Rintu a months pay in an hour * How Rintu charged…