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Small Steps

Today I'm most present to the importance of small steps. It's easy to be daunted by the mountains we set ourselves as the goal in life and business. More than ever the conversation about becoming a billionaire (…
The Success Spiral
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How to measure success for you, So you know when you've got there.. Success is a very clear focus for all people at some level, especially once they've gotten past survival - water, food and shelter.   However success is very personal,…
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Interview Idea Mensch on Simon Hedley

I've been featured today on the home page of I met Mario Schulzke after he became a customer of one of my companies - produced by The Simple Idea. Mario is a very sharp and great hearted entrepreneur.…
The Success Spiral
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Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was an amazing man, and it's said he did more in an hour than others do in a year, by learning simple success systems and building a mastermind team of the best in the world around him. I never had the luck or wisdom to meet him…
Hardwired For Success
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Hardwired For Success

If you've ever wanted to get on track for success, this is going to be an invaluable resource for you. We will be launching Hardwired For Success shortly. This has been a project of great creativity and which I'm sure will be a turning point…
The Success Spiral
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The Spiral Nature of Life and Success

It's a cold Saturday in London, as I write this, but the kind of day, that makes you feel good to be alive, and aware of what's really important. I spent the morning with my mum, cooking lunch and looking at what the plan was coming. I caught…
The Success Spiral

Be a Rainmaker... London, November 2010

So you want to make an impact, you want to get deals done, you want to have integrity, you want to be real about your life to yourself. You want to be able to take action.. Like if Sting, or Madonna were next to you.. would you go up…