Who is Simon Hedley ?

“Who is Simon Hedley?” is a question I get asked a lot, especially this summer. P.S. My name is Maryam, and I'm writing this in September 2015, after 3 months on the inside of Simon's world. My answer used to consist of me shrugging…
Edel O'Mahony - Feedback - Simon Hedley
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Helping Others - Edel O'Mahony - Testimonial

Care of Facebook, I was able to connect with a published author Edel O'Mahony, she has an interesting story and a background that covers many areas. However her story is similar to many people that are lucky enough to come across my work…
FreshForms simple easy online forms
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FreshForms Feedback - Why we do what we do

In London today there have been riots again as people worry about the economic downturn. What reminds me of why I work the way I work, and care so much about the people, projects and resources I safeguard is the feedback from friends, family…
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Dave Crane - The Life Designers Group - Testimonial - Simon Hedley

I just got a call from some of my friends and business partners about Dave Crane, and his unexpected post about me on Facebook, in his group "The Life Designers Tribe" From Dave Crane: Today's featured member of The Life Designers Tribe…
Tommy Franzen Headshot

Simon Hedley - Testimonial - Tommy Franzen

I was introduced to an amazing man, Tommy Franzen. Here's what he says about working with me and Psi Pi Group: Simon from Psi Pi has been an absolute legend in getting my business on my way. Before his help I didn't really know where I…
Tommy Franzen Headshot
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Why should I listen to Simon Hedley?

I love the anonymous/Buddha quote "Question everything you hear, especially what I tell you" You should always get your own point of view and find advisors you can trust, and I would love to be one of those if you see value in what I say…