Simon The Simple Idea
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Keep It Simple

It's essential in life and business to keep it simple. It's all too easy to get into overwhelm. This is where having an ability to pause and create space is invaluable. Space can be created: through a change in the physical environment…
Happy Thoughts App
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Updates on Mobile Applications - Happy Thoughts

I'm excited as we move into June/July 2011. We currently have three applications on the app store : iPrioritize , Happy Thoughts App , and Stroke The Pussy-Cat . These applications have been downloaded by literally thousands…
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Why should I listen to Simon Hedley?

I love the anonymous/Buddha quote "Question everything you hear, especially what I tell you" You should always get your own point of view and find advisors you can trust, and I would love to be one of those if you see value in what I say…
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Happy New Year - 2011!

Happy New Year !!! - From London, We're live streaming around the world - Thanks to Skype, Twitter, Facebook and the rest .. 2011 - Connected World NOW! I'm looking forward to working with you ALL to make 2011 Our Best Year Ever. “THE… _ simonhedley _ Dashboard
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It's All About Me...

How often do people want to know about us? Do you get asked .. what do you do? How do I get hold of you? This happens a lot, and as you build and grow in business and life happens more and more.. is…
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Home is..

Where is Home? Where do we feel that our "country" is? Recently the number of projects that are combining teams, markets and concepts across jurisdictions, languages and disciplines has again brought this question to mind. Today, I'm…