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Dave Crane - The Life Designers Group - Testimonial - Simon Hedley

I just got a call from some of my friends and business partners about Dave Crane, and his unexpected post about me on Facebook, in his group "The Life Designers Tribe" From Dave Crane: Today's featured member of The Life Designers Tribe…
The Domain Dashboard
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The Domain Dashboard

The Domain Dashboard is a web application designed to help online entrepreneurs, manage, centralise, and optimise their domain portfolios and web real estate and as a result maximise the results of their Web Domains.. Web Domains includes…
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Influence and Ethical Web Marketing

In the current climate the need for effective business, sales, and marketing is all the more pressing. Ethical Web Marketing is becoming a new "buzz" and one that is clearly an important next step. There are some useful resources for influence…
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What people say about me.. Marcus Corah Recommends

A client meeting this morning, reminded me of a testimonial that Marcus Corah made me for last year, in the testimonial it touches on some good key points, that are worth watching, if you're looking at building your online business and presence,…
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Louis CK - a different view of Social Media and the web

A friend just sent me this link to a viral comedy videos - - PS Parental and WORK Warning, the content is quite strong in terms of language. I found a couple of the ideas quite on point,…
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Niches, Markets, Short Tail and Long Tail

I've had a few clients asking me about how they can develop their products and services, and it always comes down to understanding what their Customer Avatar is. One aspect which helps is when they have an indepth understanding of "niches". Here…