James Lavers
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Want to know what James Lavers thinks about Simon Hedley

  As James says.. start a conversation with Simon today.. you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.   To start a conversation go to www.SimonHedley.com today, or call him and his partners on +44-844-556-4790   James…
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Did I dream?

I wake up.. no alarm, just the sound of the birds and the waves, and maybe a pod of dolphins having fun.. The sun is shining and the room feels just right. I smell wafts of heaven scent freshly baked food and the slight tang of fresh fruit,…
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Small Steps

Today I'm most present to the importance of small steps. It's easy to be daunted by the mountains we set ourselves as the goal in life and business. More than ever the conversation about becoming a billionaire ( www.BuildingBillionaires.com…
Pitch IT Live

Can you pitch?

Knowing how to Pitch your idea is one of the keys to success, said the billionaire as he went out from the mastermind meeting today, and of to close more deals and have more fun. He's a private man and very humble. I've also watched him…
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions

Simon’s Sharing Our Solutions – November 27

Sharing Our Solutions #3 Event - Michael Gerber, Live in London Book - Unbreakable by Thom Shea Technology - Trello Hi,  I'm excited to welcome you to the third of my new #FreedomFriday updates,…
FreshForms simple easy online forms

FreshForms New Features

www.FreshForms.com new features are really exciting. And we hope you'll think so too.. I'll be sharing some previews soon.. if you want an inside view let me know
Simon Hedley Sharing Our Solutions
Global Entrepreneurship Week