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I have been involved in the “internet”, since before it was called the web. Having begun my IT education at an early age, begging my parents to get a BBC Micro, which proved the start of an interest in “Logo” and coding in Basic, I was fortunate to meet some natural and gifted developers and realised that my skill lies in understanding and being a visionary, and that the many can achieve more than the one… 20 years later we have Open Source development (, Rapid and Agile development and mature platforms and CMS like Drupal, and a vision is beginning to become reality in ways that we didn’t dream possible before. is looking like being a huge benefit to many hundreds if not thousands of people in 2009, and I’m excited as to what this will make possible.

Spark and Project “Vision”

More than a Developer or Designer, I have seen most value added were I have been able to provide the spark to being a project and the Project Vision. Helping to craft the development of a project, and give it roots in reality that are productive from the outset. My strong understanding of Merlin Planning, Process Automation, Mission Control logic and NLP Modelling, make this possible, and coupled with a real passion for people and making the difference, this is an aspect that sits well with my love of new ideas and synergies.


I have been instrumental in the development and production of the Psi2k framework, The Simple Idea panel and repositry, and am familiar with php, basic, css/xhtml, ajax, jquery, javascript, as well as numerous other bespoke languages.

Currently I am a strong advocate for Open Source development and in bridging the gap between the “IT Department” and the “Business”. In the new economy, as ever there is only Business, and all parts must act as partners to ensure success

I believe in Drupal, and WordPress, but I’m also old enough, to know that all have their uses.

Milestone projects

I have been lucky to have worked with some great people (Luke, Nick, Paul, Jeremy, Vickie, Steve.. ) on some very memorable projects, many can’t be disclosed due to NDAs, but these are some of the live projects and turning points.

1999 – Community Websites – linked to student events
2001 – Dynamic Online Dating site for charity –
2003 – – compliant xhtml/css
2007 – Online Trading Platform – – – this project led me to work in Canada on multiple occasions and to work with the team at The project was the first multi-million pound project that I had been involved in, on that scale.
2005 – – –
2008 –
2009 –
2010 –
2011 –
2012 –

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