Some Gifts for You from Simon

Simon Hedley | The Strategic Alchemist

Firstly thank you for clicking onto this link to check and accept your gifts.

The thing I most appreciate and enjoy are gifts, but expected and surprise ones.

I love receiving small things that show people actually get me, and know what I love and am focussed on. I’m also a fan of the full range of human creation from writings to technology, software to plants. We also gratefully accept donations and gifts – both cash and in kind on behalf of the charity I founded which is focussed on advancing education, improving health and relieving poverty.

Have you noticed that the gifts we most remember are not the ones we most expected to?

If you’re on this page, this maybe our first meeting and as I get to know you better, and work with you, I hope to be able to surprise you with gifts that delight your soul, be they introductions and acknowledgements, cinema experiences or more.

Do get in touch.. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

My personal cell phone: +44-7930-275-223

This is my personal cell phone if you add me on Whats-app and message me there by SMS / Text or iMessage I will do my best to reply to you on a timely basis. Please do include your VCF record and a photo when you first message me and remind me how we met.

As your first gift, you know have my personal mobile phone number.

I do ask that you don’t give it out, and please understand I only answer scheduled calls from known and cleared phone numbers.

A Scholarship Funded 15 minute Consultation | VSO Strategist™

The most precious thing I can give you is my total full attention, and I’m willing to invest in you and our relationship if you’re willing to invest some time too.

As a first step and to optimise the outcomes for you, please complete 

VSO Strategist

The Success Spiral

One of the things I most value is short and focussed reports, that give insights and useful applicable information. I wrote one called The Success Spiral™. You can download it now for free.

The Success Spiral


Freshforms™ is the web app I created to solve my own challenge of putting high converting beautiful opt-in forms up online. A Freshform is the optimal way we’ve found to enable people to interact with you and your system over the web or mobile device.

You can use a Freshform with your existing website and even without one.. as we can host the web page as well.

If you would like a year of FreshForms™ at no cost, so you can get started in using, sharing and monetising the web and FreshForms™ itself let me know by SMS and include your primary email and I’ll give your our private link to set up your account.

I can also include you in our private FreshFormsPro™ training if you wish, which normally starts from £1,000 + VAT.

FreshForms simple easy online forms

Would you like more Great Free Gifts?

Great Free Gifts

I’ve founded Great Free Gifts™ as a way for my partners, clients and friends to help even more people, and share the things we find and love.