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Simon Hedley | The Strategic Alchemist

My name is Simon Hedley, and if you’re on this page, then I’ve met you personally or one of my good friends, partners or associates has given you this special invite.

Thank you for connecting and saying hello.

I deeply appreciate you for taking action.

As a result here is my public cell phone +44-7930-275-223.

I’m going to trust you to text me, not call me, unless we’ve scheduled a call.

Please text me your VCF record, including your name, photo and where we met, so that I know who’s messaging me and can optimally communicate back on a timely basis.

I look forward to speaking with you, being in communication and serving a lot of people through our friendship and through and philanthropic or business ventures we create.

Let’s make magic and make the difference,




I have some special gifts for  you here.. www.SimonHedley.com/gift