What People Say

I really want to recommend Simon to you, not only is he awesome, knowledgeable and really really smart. He has a big heart, and he can actually help you. I really recommend that you give him a call right away.

Laila Edge
Systemic Growth

Simon is the most intelligent and creative man I know. He enables people to give birth to their vision underpinned by being a wizard with technology. Simon is very connected with a huge heart and is tenacious in his approach, that makes the difference.

Simon you are a genius. Your website really is ground breaking in harnessing a better world. I can’t help but gasp in amazement and jump for joy at how neatly The ONE DEGREE Report ties in all the ideas I have already spent much time researching. I can’t believe that I’ve spent years looking for the information encapsulated in the Entrepreneur’s Manifesto and Manifesting Millionaires! Keep up the awesome work I love it and I am blessed to be on this JOURNEY with you and your team!

Dr Neslyn Watson-Druée, CBE

Beacon Organisational Development
Beacon Organisational Development, Author, Speaker, Leader

This is a testimonial and endorsement from Amy Scott who has been a client of Simon Hedley & Associates for over ten years.
Simon Hedley is an amazing web designer and so much more. He first helped me set up my website 10 years ago when I was just starting out as a Remedial Massage Therapist in London city. His ability to understand what I needed for getting information out there on my website up and get it up and running to bring in business was just amazing. I had so many bookings and contacts from his expertise in the first few months. I felt I was very lucky to have found him. Since then I have travelled around the world and still feeling the ease and confidence in him to be able to call him and know he will be able to take the time to help me from where ever I am in the world. His efficiency and brilliance in his job are next to none. The plus side to this is his direction as a mentor in my business has been the best part of it and he has helped me to get my business going forward and it keeps going that way. I feel very confident in recommending Simon in producing the best websites and helping get people where they need to. He is always giving me advice and how to better my business and I am so grateful, Thank you Simon 🙂

Amy Scott - Elite Massage Therapy
Amy Scott – Founder, Elite Massage Therapy

Simon Hedley is a rock star! He has the heart of a lion and is always willing to help! Thanks for making the world a better place!

Bill Walsh
PowerTeam International

Simon Hedley is a ‘Must have’ on your speed dial. Simon connects people with the ‘unconnectable.’

Idea Mensch
Idea Mensch
Where Entrepreneurs Teach Entrepreneurs

He’s coming from a good place. He’s helped me so much… Simon ticked every single box for me .. when it came to the wealth side, the trust factor and his customer service is among the best I’ve ever experienced.. That’s why I say Yes to Simon Hedley

Marie O’Riordan
Business woman, Mentor, Author and Philanthropist

Offbeat entrepreneur who helps business owners grow strategically through joint ventures. Give Simon a melon and he’ll show you how to make a sparkling melonade cocktail with a dash of spirit. Every business needs a Simon!

Mike Mindel
Wordtracker, Webpreneur & Web Venturer, Film Producer and Investor

Lynn Rose
Simon blew me away with the degree to which he followed through on what he said he’d do.

He had brilliant ideas on how to extend the concept of our project we’d been working on (which excited and impressed me) AND, he came to the rescue while we were having horrendous troubles with our web guys and looking like we might miss a crucial deadline, Simon calmly stepped in and made it happen effortlessly.

There’s no doubt that Simon is filled with brilliance, clear ideas and brimming with passion. Best part is, when he says he will get something done, he does. And THAT is a rare commodity in this world.

I have much thanks in my heart for Simon and what he’s done for us.

Lynn Rose

Simon has a great focus and attention to detail. When something captures his attention, he really puts his heart and soul into doing it well, and so he learns quickly and loves to work through new ideas. If you need something doing, Simon will find a way.

Peter Freeth,

Jamie Smart Simon came highly recommended by friends I trust. I was excited (and a little nervous) about his first ideas, but they worked and I’m delighted he’s working with us. The first thing we put into place brought in a month’s income in a week!

Jamie Smart
Author Clarity & Founder of Salad Ltd

THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH for last Friday – it was a really excellent day and I learned so much useful stuff that will really help make a difference…I am very grateful to you… Thank you once again, Si. You’re a STAR – and I understand you and what you do and who you are so much better now… Simon clearly is a master in this field – highly knowledgeable, articulate, passionate and business savvy at the same time. He has the ability to cut through the jargon. If you are reading this while you are thinking of attending a workshop that Simon runs, or considering working with him on a one on one basis, what are you waiting for? Simon is your man and he won’t let you down. Go for it.

Mark Grant
Executive Business Coach

Simon Hedley is pure genius. He is limitless – productive, positive, professional and passionate about his work. It has been an exciting and inspirational journey and it has been an honour to work with him. I am glad I met him at Business 2012. At Sir Richard Branson’s VIP cocktail party. I have enormous respect for him and ongoing gratitude for the help he has given me, I am a better version of myself for having known him.

Award Winning Business Woman

Start a conversation with Simon today.. you have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

James Lavers
Lazy Coach | Stealth Video

Simon has an excellent ability to see the bigger picture and connect the dots to get there. He has wonderful rapport and is incredibly generous with his ideas and thinking. My perspective has shifted through working with him. Simon brings so much more to the table that you initially think. If you’re up to something big then Simon will help you get there.

Cathy Burke
The Hunger Project

CEO, The Hunger Project Australia

I’ve known Simon for over a decade and have found him to be smart, passionate and creative. He is an exceptional project manager and has the ability to see through mundane details and conceive the big picture. He is extremely knowledgeable on numerous subjects including entrepreneurship, business and strategy. I’ve found his advice and insights to be invaluable.

Clara Yan
Clara Yan UBS Director Investment Management

Simon is a genius of the most creative and comprehensive solutions to the problems and possibilities of entrepreneurs, and movements designed to make a positive difference in the world.

Douglas Ward Kelley
Producer, Director, Star

Simon Hedley is the nicest guy you’re ever likely to meet.

Comfort Eboh

I have never met anyone like Simon, he has a way of seeing more in 5 minutes, than others ever will, and a confidence in himself and others, to say what needs to be said, and do what needs to be done.

Billionaire and Global Philanthopist

I met Simon (Simon Hedley, Psi Pi Group) in the early days of looking to transition from employee to business owner. He is a great mentor, and has a knack of helping you see the things that are most important at that time. His guidance helped us take our fledgling idea and test it in the market before moving towards the growing business we have today.

Mark Strefford
Business Consultant and Entrepreneur

Lucy JohnsonI met Simon not long after I’d left employment and was trying to find my feet as a business owner. His guidance and patience allowed me to find my true passion and he helped pave out a clear pathway for my business to grow. His knowledge and skills in business, branding and dynamic working relationships are outstanding. He is consistent and will go a hundred miles out of his way to make sure others achieve their goals. He has impacted me tremendously and I continue to turn to him for advice and support in business and in life.

Lucy Johnson

Tommy FranzenSimon from Psi Pi has been an absolute legend in getting my business on my way. Before his help I didn’t really know where I was going but now I’m charging full steam ahead.

Tommy Franzen
Award winning dancer and Entrepeneur

When I met Simon, I filled up a couple of pages of notes the first day just talking to him. I don’t know where he gets all his information. Simon has a really obvious strong business and finance background. His ceiling for what’s possible is way above most people you meet. Simon is talking about building big businesses the kind of business he has worked at before. To me this is the most important part, as when I see how everything fits it’s easier for me to take those steps and walk in that direction. You’re always going to get more than you came for and more than you asked for.

JP Morgan Jr

Sarah McAllisterSimon has a knack for pointing out the little adjustments that are so very important, and help remind us to stay in the power of the present and in the ‘commander self’. He also has that sort of deep heart which cares enough to give the feedback that we’d rather not hear but know is necessary. Few people in this world are capable or even remotely interested in that level of honesty. If you have the chance to work with Simon, make the choice to do it. Without hesitation.

Sarah McAllister
Feng Shui Agency

The Joint Venture Company


The Strategic Alchemist