Simon Hedley’s Books and Writings

Ever since he could read, Simon has loved books, reading deeply and widely across the classics, ancient gems, scientific explorations and inquiries, philosophical discourses and more. He really is a committed student in Life Long Learning™.

While Simon is a prolific author and writer, much of his writing has up to this point only been provided to friends, family, high end consulting clients, mentees and VIPs.

In 2021, Simon will be publishing the latest version of his eagerly awaited book Pause Stop Reset™, which complements the amazing PauseStopReset Journal which you can find on Amazon today, and we can’t wait to share all the details.

Pause Stop Reset™ is about  “How to focus on what you really want, enjoy experiencing the journey, and remember it’s never about an amount in an account.” and is the book you need to read to set yourself up for success in the years and decades to come.

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Pause Stop Reset

Pause Stop Reset

Pause Stop Reset by Simon Hedley

So much of modern advice and ideas is about planning and building habits, structures and systems in order to make something happen or avoid something else. Yes that can be useful, and we – myself, my partners, clients and friends – have mastered and developed many of them over the decades. However I realised there was something else that seemed to live in those magical moments, when things just work out beyond your dreams or when things aren’t working and you need a miracle.

You see my goal is for you always to be right here and now fully present to who you truly are, and in that space and state be able to focus on and prioritise what you choose to – optimally.

Human Beings are called that for a reason – not human Doings or Havings.

You’ll be amazed at what’s possible to cause, create, experience and more as you Pause Stop Reset, and more importantly at who you can become.

So ready to explore what’s possible ?

The Success Spiral

The Success Spiral

Have you ever noticed how the most amazing things rarely come in straight lines? In The Success Spiral, I start to share the interconnected and precessionary nature of nature, and how you can tap into it, to enjoy your journey to and through Success.

This is a project I’ve been developing both publicly and privately.

I’m blown away at times by the incredible .. almost more impossible than fiction .. realities that seem to be the ways the world works out and people find their path to success.

I hope you’ll read The Success Spiral and perhaps share your story to add to the whole.

Read This Change Your Life

Read This Change Your Life

I kept noticing how many amazing books and quotes and writings really moved me, and which I’d never come across.

This birthed the idea for Read This Change Your Life.

It’s a growing treasure trove of things which have impacted us and we think can make a positive difference for others too.