Who is Simon Hedley?

Simon is Simon.

Simon is a simple man with a unique mindset, skillset, perspective and capacity.

What has Simon Hedley done?

This is a great question and the truthful answer is many varied things over many decades. Much of which has been in private, behind the scenes working with partners, clients and associates.

This is a selection of things that Simon Hedley has done:

  • Won a Major Scholarship to Tonbridge School
  • Maths Degree BSc 2.1 Dunelm from Durham University
  • Won Triple Gold Medals in the Tai Chi Chuan British Open in 1996.
  • Recruited into PwC in the Banking Capital Markets practice.
  • Higlighted a problem that uncovered a multi-billion global fraud.
  • Qualified as an ACA – ICAEW
  • Headhunted into Morgan Stanley
  • Headhunted into ABN Amro
  • Became the primary  investment manager over 1.2 Bn Euro across
  • Qualified in multiple modalities – including NLP, iiYoga, Massage, Reiki and others.
  • Developed & Funded multiple mobile applications and web applications.
  • Directly mentored and trained thousands of entrepreneurs, speakers, authors, coaches, experts and more.
  • Provided advisory services to globally recognised non-profits, charities and global movements.
  • Published multiple books.
  • Created hundreds of audio recordings.
  • Created multiple short movies.

He has specifically founded:

  • The Simple Idea (www.TheSimpleIdea.com) – Publishing Company

Who can and does validate Simon Hedley?

Most of Simon’s deep client and partner relationship are confidential. However he is easily verified and auditable by suitable qualified parties.

Please note that most people are not aware of all the aspects of Simon’s private, personal or business worlds.

A selection of people who can give an insight into Simon are:

  • Laila Edge
  • Miti Condo
  • Sam Hoogenboom
  • Penny Croal

How can I learn more about Simon Hedley?

A. great start to learning more about Simon Hedley is to consider what you’d most love to know and ask him directly – during a live event – or via the team at The Simple Idea and/or SimonX.com

We’d recommend you read one or more of his books like www.PauseStopReset.com

You may also be able to see him speak live or during a podcast.

How can I work with / hire Simon Hedley?

Simon loves to connect with new projects and people that are committed to doing whatever it takes (ethically) to reach the potential and complete a project.

Simon usually works by referral and if possible it’s best to connect with one of his existing partners.

What is the deal?

We’re often asked what’s the deal, and the truth is Simon has a menu of creative options – many of which are proprietary and dynamic – and so the best thing is to make a proposal.

Normally there is a non-refundable mobilisation fee, then a non-refundable deposit, a retainer with relevant expenses covered and a upside potential – e.g. rev share / equity stake.

However after 20 years, it’s become clear that normal is there is no – normal.

It’s also very different if you are in a strong position looking at what’s possible, vs in an emergency with a critical problem needing to be fixed.

Simon also looks for coachability, integrity, intelligence, acuity, commitment and other objective and subjective measures when considering if to engage with someone directly 1-1.

It’s often best to start with one or more of the self study programs or remote group programs – some are visible at www.ThsSimpleIdea.com – in order to set yourself up for the best results.

Are you clear now why people love to pay Simon Hedley?

You may have questions or you may be clear why people love to pay me to work with them.

In the past people have paid £1k, £10k, and even £100k to access my insights, ideas and opportunities.

Fundamentally what I can do is listen and speak, and bring my experiences, wisdom, skills and experience to the matter at hand.

I also have interesting understandings of Relationship Capital™, and developed over decades Strategic Success Systems™, and Business Blueprints™, and Tested Templates™ – what this means in simple language is I can often quickly see a possibility and how to get it accomplished and ground it in reality.