Are you ready for or interested in Mentoring for yourself, your business, venture or project?

I believe and know that mentoring is one of the most precious and valuable skills and relationships.

I have had the privilege to have had several mentors – they went far beyond what was expected or reasonable. They had a huge impact on my life.

Mentoring requires more willingness to be open and learn than consulting or coaching.

A Mentor is able to take someone on a path or journey, that they have in part walked through themselves.

Given the intensive relationship between mentor and mentee, I normally cap the number of people I’m mentoring at ten at any one time, and I have a waiting list of people who are wanting to be mentored.

A mentoring relationship is normally undertaken for life in the “schools” I have been taught in – from inner circle martial arts to advanced business alchemy.


If I don’t believe there is a fit, or I have no capacity, I have a private network of successful philanthropists and award winning entrepreneurs who I am able to introduce. Sometimes to help you most, introducing you to one of them is actually the best first step.

If you would like to get started and schedule our help please call +44-844-556-4790 and email [email protected]