Do you know what you want to achieve but need a hand to connect yourself to projects, people, plans and resources?

Are you ready for or interested in Consulting to optimise or grow yourself, your business, venture or project?

Every individual, business, project or venture has challenges and opportunities.

Through consulting I can help you explore what is possible for you and help what you feel is optimal, become probable, certain and actual.

Consulting is strategic and usually done directly with the owner/senior management of the venture or project.

Consulting is usually strategic and hands off.

I have access to proven strategies, tactics, methodologies, ideas, intellectual property and connections derived from 20+ years of research and experience.

What is it really worth to you to achieve the outcomes you want?

What increased opportunities will they make possible over the following decade?

How we work

  • You invest the non-refundable mobilisation fee of £1,000 (+VAT).
  • Once this is completed we will provide you with some proprietary self-assessment forms.
  • We will then schedule an Integrity Intake Interview, normally lasting between 30 and 90 minutes.
  • Assuming there is a workable fit, we will come to terms for the next stage of the engagement.

As an indication, our deposit for consulting with governments, banks and businesses begin from £10,000 (+VAT). As a group our retainers typically have started from £100k+, and our IP Licence Activation at £1m+.

We do work with Founders and Startups and can be creative in structuring win win wins.

If you would like to get started and schedule our help please call +44-844-556-4790 and email [email protected]

For more than two decades I have built a unique by referral consulting group of strategic partners, “unemployable experts”, domain experts, associates, and friends.

Individually they are incredible in their fields.  Together we are capable and have a proven track record of producing extraordinary results in record time, and I have learnt through experience what their genius is and how to best leverage it for our clients.

It’s the little details that are vital.
Little things make big things happen.

John Wooden

Chaos to Clarity to Capital