Are you ready for or interested in Coaching for yourself, your business, venture or project?

In sports, music, performance and almost every area of life it is known that a coach is vital to achieve breakthrough results and peak performance. A coach sees things you can not, and is able to bring out the best in you.

In common culture Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid was a great example of a coach, helping a young boy mature into a Karate champion and more than that mature.

Coaching is a very special holographic process when done by a master coach.

I have trained and mastered numerous disciplines which provides me with an unprecedented tool box to help you as my coaching client. This includes advanced learning, modelling, teaching and communication technologies – often derived from the source or founders of modern disciplines.

All it takes is a burning desire and a willingness to remain coachable.

Coaching is usually done direct one to one.

Coaching can also be done experientially in the world – either with existing coaching clients, clients, partners, associates and friends. When this is done the effects can multiply exponentially and timelines be radically reduced.

Coaching normally has a clear cycle of Review, Refine, Repeat and Review, Refine and Replace.

This continues once the initial assessment phase and goal selection is undertaken.

The mobilisation fee and retainer for Coaching begins from £1,000 (+VAT), and for a minimum of 6months (though normally a 12 month or longer time period is preferred).

If you would like to get started and schedule our help please call +44-844-556-4790.