How can we leave a legacy & make the difference?

I believe that it will take asking ourselves and others better questions, learning to really listen, then taking consistent actions on what we learn.

Background to Making The Difference

You probably know that I am passionate about making the difference. You may be wondering what drives this and why I am so committed.

I am clear that our legacy must start with real human caring, understanding and education. I’m also clear that environment is usually stronger than will power.

Some of this comes from my own childhood and family.

You see my grandparents were not rich millionaires, in fact money always felt in short supply. However they were huge hearted people that grew up in hard times in the north of England in Newcastle-upon-Tyne and Chesterfield.

One grandfather worked hard with a small local community fruit and vegetable shop. Another worked in the docks building and in time helping design ships at the then ship building yards. They instilled the work ethic and the importance of caring about family and community.

My grandmothers incredible people all the more, who held the families together during really trying times.

These are the kind of people who grew up in a time and location where people didn’t lock their doors and cared about everyone. They taught me – I guess it’s in my genes – that you don’t leave anyone behind hungry and that real wealth comes from the people we love and who we help.

My mother herself caught polio when she was young, and I’ve seen the impact directly that that has had on her. It drew her to working in the National Health Service. As a result I grew up around a “medical” / “counselling” / “therapeutic” environment.

I have countless other real world personal experiences that shaped me and I may share these more over time. Needless to say, I’ve seen people who made a huge impact on me pass away due to cancer, and other health challenges. I’ve also known people who lost their lives while standing for what’s right protecting others.

It may surprise you to know that if it hadn’t been for hundreds of people paying it forward, and setting aside a foundation/charitable donation like Freedom International NOW I would never have been able to win and be awarded major scholarships and have had the chance to attend the top school in the way I did and which gave me the hand up to learn, better myself, experience what I did and so be not only willing but also qualified, certified and able to help so many more people.

The reason I’m focussed on Making The Difference.. is I’ve seen how small improvements while necessary are not going to make the kind of change that we all want to happen. For too long – centuries not just decades – there have been problems that have not been solved, even when solutions have been designed and architected. What stops this from being completed? At some level .. a need for greater communication, commitment and integrity. From another angle, a transformation in our level of consciousness and mastery as individuals and as a collective.

Making The Difference & Paying It Forward

How have I played my part so far? I believe there is still much to do. However I have been a passionate ambassador, advocate and strategic advisor to countless charities, social enterprises and non-profits here in the UK and around the world.

I’ve always been open to inquiring into how to make the difference to more people, more elegantly and more effectively. has a focus on providing solutions that solve problems that make it easier for others to be interdependent and to pay it forward as they thrive.

I have helped personally setup thousands of initiatives over decades, and helped develop people, approaches and disciplines which in turn have reached millions. I believe that helping people mature and learn what works we can all benefit.

I’ve also helped create and build ecosystems, communities, movements and associations that support educations, entrepreneurship and paying it forward.

Freedom International NOW

I founded the charity in 2014 with my mother Dr Hedley, on the back of more than three decades of research, development and contribution.

We are clear that we – as a species – now have the capabilities and skills to make a fundamental paradigm shift to what’s possible and the experience of life –  not to just a few hundred people but to everyone everywhere.

Please click here to go the charity’s website and invest some time learning more about what we are committed to, and look into how we can collaborate and work together to make the difference and help more people.

My Request:

I would also love you to commit to making a donation today – whether it’s a one-off and or a regular committment. One of my mentors was a big advocate of tithing 10%.

Can you imagine the impact we could make if everyone you know committed to donating 1 to 10% of their gross revenues each year to the charity?

What a difference we could make then and how many more people could we help?