How can we leave a legacy and make the difference?

Simon is passionate about living a life that leaves a legacy of positive impact, transformation and transfiguration. Said simply he’s committed to making the difference.

One example is the charity www.FreedomInternationalNOW.com which Simon founded in 2014 with his mother Dr Hedley, on the back of more than three decades of research, development and contribution.

Simon is a passionate ambassador, advocate and strategic advisor to countless charities, social enterprises and non-profits here in the UK and around the world, and is always open to inquiring into how to make the difference to more people, more elegantly and more effectively.

Freedom International NOW

I founded and am currently a trustee of the Registered UK Charity www.FreedomInternationalNOW.com . We chose to launch the charity, so that we could optimally make the difference, enable us to help more people.

We are clear that we – as a species – now have the capabilities and skills to make a fundamental paradigm shift to what’s possible and the experience of life –  not to just a few hundred people but to everyone everywhere.

Please click here to go the charity’s website and invest some time learning more about we are committed to, and look into how we can collaborate and work together to make the difference and help more people.

My Request:

I would also love you to commit to making a donation today – whether it’s a one-off and or a regular committment. One of my mentors was a big advocate of tithing 10%.

Can you imagine the impact we could make if everyone you know committed to donating 1 to 10% of their gross revenues each year to the charity?

What a difference we could make then and how many more people could we help?

To learn more about my legacy and philanthropy initiatives please click here now.