Hi, as I publish this it’s now: Sunday 29th March 2020, 21:05 PM UK Time.
I’m safe & well & thoughtful & grateful.
I’m in the UK – England – Kent.

With Love,
Simon X

P.S. I hope you’re safe and well too.

My primary focus is mastering myself, and sharing what I can in The Lab™
as The Strategic Alchemist™

THE Strategic Alchemist™

The Strategic Alchemist™


Priorities and Questions

What is my priority and focus now?
What is yours?
What could ours be optimally now?

Now more than ever it’s important people ask better questions and prioritise better, right?

www.i-Prioritize.com | www.ThePrioritiesBook.com

www.Questions101.com | www.TheTalkingGroup.com

Launching make3D™

Would you love to be able to connect as if life but without leaving your home?

What if you could make anything you imagine.. optimise it and then experience it in the real world?


New Perspective Investments™

Now more than ever we need to think and invest into new perspectives not just to survive today but to navigate ongoing challenging times and into a future that works and doesn’t just repeat the past.


Hosting The Creativity Incubator™

We have weekly public calls on Wednesday and in between holding the space for and hosting THE Conversation™ as best I can, navigating the new information and experience from and for and with these extraordinary human beings who are committed to maximising their creativity with ethics, heart and integrity.. and having fun in the process.


Focus on B™

Focussing on the future groundedly today..

Now more than ever people (and myself) need to have a bright shared vision for the future, and shared is key for me.. it needs you in it too.


Completing and sharing Pause Stop Reset™

I’m looking to publish and share more of the book and help people implement it and also live it myself at a higher level especially now with all that’s happening.

One conversation, one moment at a time.


Sharing Our Solutions™

Helping people keep safe and add value despite the current challenges.

www.SharingOurSolutions.com | www.StrategicOptimisationSummit.com

Making The Difference™

Making The Difference and supporting people to empower, learn and grow through our charity which actively is looking for mentors, ambassadors, angels and more to optimise The Future Of Charity™



Supporting the family strategically as an advisor and putting in place optimal legacy systems – even and especially for those I don’t get to see physically or communicate with as often as I would love.

Doing my best to be there to celebrate with those who have successes, be present and grateful for what we have, and help those who have lost loved ones and dealing with extreme stress and challenges.

Primarily based in the U.K, in Kent.

Photography, media and vision projects www.SimonSaysSmile.com

Mastering myself – learn and growing  Breath, Tai Chi Chuan (www.MasterTaiChi.com), amongst other things.

Qn: Do you still believe WE have a tomorrow, NOW™?

Yes, I do & I’m standing for it being an Optimal Future.

I usually move and travel, learn & grow, find things to share & share a lot physically with partners and friends. Not being able to shake hands, break bread and dance in life and conversation is different.. I miss you and I love you, I’m sorry and thank you .. for being you and being here with me in this conversation & experience in all the ways you are, have been and I hope will be in the future.

Many people wonder what I’m up to and have been up to.. finally we’re starting to be allowed to share what we’ve been working on – with my partners and mentors since 2009 – more transparently and I hope by the end of 2020 everyone will know about the projects. It really isn’t about me.

How can you best keep in touch?

If you know me.. and have my direct numbers – WhatsApp.
If not yet.. then via LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, or the team at SimonX.com,
or one of my contacts, clients, partner or friend.. they have my number.
Now more than ever.. don’t not send a text or call.. to people .. reach out and ask.