Masterminds / Mastermind Groups

Make More Possible

When Two or More Come together
with a common focus
a Third Mind is created.

I have been fortunate to have naturally been invited into, formed and subsequently orchestrated very successful and effective Mastermind Groups. I currently have an inner core group of strategic partners that have formed the core advisory group that is the “secret sauce” behind Psi Pi Group.

For decades I’ve helped people understand the benefits of being participants in Mastermind Groups (also accountability partners, brain storming groups, etc..), and also how to maximise the results they get from them. We also help people join Mastermind Groups that are not usually open to the public and by referral only.

We also operate a number of “public” Mastermind Groups which are open to people to participate in, once they have qualified by:

  • Completion of Initial Introduction
  • Completion of Non Disclosure Agreement
  • Initial Background Check – minimum two known references
  • Submission of CV

Why would someone join a Mastermind Group?

People find that working alone or without true support, the results they achieve are on average lower than they would expect, or know they are capable of. (Note: “The Paperclip Experiment” is a great way of demonstrating this – ask me for more details).

Mastermind Groups if properly constructed and managed enable:

  • New Ideas
  • New Introductions
  • Invaluable Market Research
  • Joint Ventures
  • Strategic Alliances
  • Share Resources
  • Time Savings
  • Cost Savings
  • New Revenue Opportunities
  • Deep Relationships
  • Unprecedented Access

Levels of Participation / How much energy do I need to put in?

We have a number of Mastermind Groups available that cater for the different needs of speakers, creative artists (music, film, digital), information marketers, successful investors, startup founders, employees. These include people at different levels of success up to millionaires and billionaires.

The diversity and depth of understanding, communication, influence and trust is something that our friends, partners and clients find invaluable.

People often want to know the level of participation required, and the truth is it’s variable and depends. Some require a weekly commitment, some monthly, and some “ad-hoc”. The truth I’ve found is that often there is a cycle and flow with Masterminds that depends on what is happening for the participants, in the world and in your life.

We can help you find a space and place that works for you.

Next Steps…

Simply give me a call and connect with me – e.g. on LinkedIn, and let me know you’re interested in masterminds.